100 Things About Me

  1. It’s real red hair.
  2. …albeit graying, just a little.
  3. I “enhance” it.
  4. I’m a beer snob.
  5. I’m twice divorced.
  6. I can’t say the name of my first husband out loud, almost 20 years after our divorce.
  7. I got an annulment for my first marriage.
  8. I was a straight A student all the way to grade 10.
  9. I dropped out of high school.
  10. I went back to an alternative high school and finished!
  11. High school took me seven years.
  12. Now I have a Masters Degree in cultural anthropology.
  13. That took me five years.
  14. My Bachelor or Arts took me seven years.
  15. I am named after my grandmother.
  16. I hate it when Canadians spell things the American way.
  17. Poor grammar makes me cringe, especially when it’s my own.
  18. I swear like a sailor.
  19. I used to have a red spot on my nose.
  20. My brothers called me “Rudolph”.
  21. I can’t sharpen a knife to save my life.
  22. I found a dead body once.
  23. I like every food so far, except parsnips and caraway seeds.
  24. I lived in the arctic as a child.
  25. I’m afraid of elevator doors.
  26. As a survey worker, I once interviewed a man in his underwear (he wore the underwear. I interviewed).
  27. Actually, I interviewed the same guy, twice, in his underwear (see parentheses, above).
  28. We debated Eastern European politics and the power of the state over its citizens.
  29. I used to figure skate.
  30. I love to sing.
  31. I used to refuse to sing at school, so the teacher once made me be the piano accompanist.
  32. I can’t play the piano anymore.
  33. I used to refuse to curl at school, so the teacher would leave me behind, hanging out in the school library when the class went to the curling rink.
  34. Sometimes, I’m just a little bit stubborn.
  35. Mars is my favourite chocolate bar. No! Crunchie!
  36. The red squiggly line that appears under “favourite” in my draft post annoys me.
  37. I used to tell people I was adopted.
  38. I never believed I was adopted.
  39. My family still thinks I believed I was adopted.
  40. I spent a lot of time as a child trying to move objects by telekinesis.
  41. I have never moved an object by telekinesis.
  42. I used to be afraid of clowns.
  43. Now I just think they’re creepy.
  44. People don’t believe me when I tell them my age.
  45. I like to tell people my age.
  46. Maybe I’ll raise chickens. And bees. Maybe.
  47. I used to be scared that I would never again hold down a permanent job.
  48. I embrace the fact that I will never again hold down a permanent job.
  49. I love road trips with my girls.
  50. I don’t like over-planned vacations.
  51. I’m not sure if I just used the hyphen correctly in “over-planned”.
  52. I will check my Chicago Manual of Style.
  53. I sometimes read the Chicago Manual of Style for fun.
  54. I am a nerd. It’s not always cool.
  55. I have never voted for a winning candidate, or political party.
  56. I have had back surgery for a blown disc.
  57. As a baby, I had surgery to correct an intussusception. Google it.
  58. My intussusception became critical on Grey Cup Sunday, 1967. My father had trouble getting help at the hospital, because staff were watching the game.
  59. You could say, I almost died for CFL football.
  60. I am a die hard Saskatchewan Roughriders fan (no pun intended).
  61. Sometimes I am afraid to watch the Roughriders play, in case they break my heart.
  62. Eleven.
  63. I back packed alone through Europe after high school for five months.
  64. I love people, but I like to be alone a lot.
  65. According to a quiz on Facebook, if I were a Dr. Seuss character, I would be The Cat in the Hat.
  66. I have had a crush on Johnny Depp since 21 Jump Street.
  67. I’ve never been arrested.
  68. I love cats.
  69. Dogs are okay.
  70. I recently learned that bunnies are surprisingly smart, with personality.
  71. I cry at movies.
  72. I love watching movies.
  73. I can’t remember plot lines in movies.
  74. I used to want to be a veterinarian.
  75. I probably should have been a veterinarian.
  76. Or maybe not. I don’t know. See permanent job point, above.
  77. I don’t really care if I never write a novel. But I might, some day. Stop bugging me!
  78. I think I could stay right here, in my basement, writing, for days on end.
  79. I don’t like working away from home.
  80. In grade school, I used to sew all my own clothes.
  81. I love languages.
  82. I used to speak French very well.
  83. I am proud to have studied Latin in high school.
  84. I used to teach introductory anthropology to first year university students.
  85. I have always wanted to be a writer.
  86. I’m a good cook.
  87. I rarely cook anymore.
  88. Chocolate, of course.
  89. My first memory is of me, as a baby, chewing my toes.
  90. I want to believe in aliens and ghosts.
  91. I never stopped thinking vinyl is cool.
  92. I forget.
  93. I’ll let you know when I remember.
  94. No one should have to pay for medical care.
  95. I have a crush on Mike Holmes.
  96. I love babies, and I wish I could have another, but I’m too old.
  97. Nothing to do with Mike Holmes.
  98. If I had a dream car, it would be a 1967 Mustang.
  99. But I don’t really care about cars.
  100. I once tried to run down a bouncer at a Bruce Springsteen concert so I could scale the fence back stage. Sorry, Bruce.

5 thoughts on “100 Things About Me”

  1. Dear Tekla (Is that right?),

    If I could still comfortably chew on my toes, they’d have to still be as cute as a baby’s toes, and I’d want a toe-fondue pot nearby filled with chocolate. Mmmm.

    You have had either an interesting life, or many interesting happenings. Goodness golly.

    –O. Babe


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