Do you see her much?

Every day. Not for real. That is too difficult.

She waits now. Maybe she sees him in the birds he loved, or hears the wind. Her ears buzz when she asks him, “are you there?”

I can not know, can not ask.


This is Microfiction – 42 words to answer this week’s YeahWrite Gargleblaster question: Do you see her much?

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12 thoughts on “Do you see her much?”

  1. The photo is a great companion for your words. Sometimes we do catch glimpses of others and it prompts us to wonder about their story… but rather than pry with questions, we just wonder…


  2. This seems infused with so much sadness. I love the last line, “I can not know, can not ask.” Parsing that becomes a thought exercise in itself. It’s such an intriguing piece. I wish there were more than 42 words of it.


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