5 New Year’s resolutions I would make – if I were to make New Year’s resolutions

Happy New Year! May 2018 be full of challenges that ultimately move you forward. I never make New Year’s resolutions because I think that they have to come from the heart and soul – not exclusively from a calendar date. But that’s me. I think New Year’s is a good time to soul search, though. Sometimes, resolutions come from the gems we observe.

So here are some observations I’ve made in the last week or so. May they strengthen my resolve, and perhaps inspire you.

1. cook with pumpkin more

pumpkin pasta sauce
Tastes much better than it looks. I promise.

I just made tortellini with pumpkin sauce for dinner. It’s New Year’s Day and I haven’t cooked a proper meal since I don’t know when. I “browned” (yes, let’s call it that – and not sauteed as directed, either) the leek (not shallot as called for), overindulged in cinnamon (a pinch is not a tablespoon), used coconut milk for light cream, and did not have the other herbs on hand, so I just used marjoram.

It was good – not great. I will make it again, but “properly.” Good food feels better than sugar, even when it’s not perfect. Let’s hear it for wholesome and healthy.

2. love more cats

I have gone mad – mad for a kitty. Tomorrow we are adopting “Mindy,” from a local rescue. She is a four year old calico who lost part of her ears to frostbite. She is adorable and super cuddly. She will henceforth be known as “Butter Squash.” Yes, I let my kids name the pets.

Photo by SAFE Team Canada

I met “Squash” at SAFE team after visiting our local Cat Cafe on Whyte. I was inspired to go to the shelter when I met a volunteer who was on an errand at the Cat Cafe. My intention was to volunteer – not to fall in love with another cat. But love doesn’t respect our intentions, does it?

The genius idea of a cat cafe helps make cats more available to people in the community who want to just chill in kitty awesomeness with coffee, or to bring a little fur ball home fur-ever. Win win.

3. stand in the freezing cold at midnight

Boxing Day sales have never conjured images of a fun day for me. That says a lot, because I love sales (the “thrill of the hunt” and all), but nothing has ever enticed me to weather the madness of Boxing Day before.

This year, I took my daughter to a Boxing Day sale at a favourite store of ours. The weather was minus-a-ridiculous-number-in-any-temperature-system. It was crisp and clear – beautiful. We parked right in front of the door. In the car I streamed Netflix and introduced her to The Blues Brothers (since I had her captive for a while. She’ll thank me later).

We brought snacks and a flask of coffee. As others arrived, we took shifts standing in line. We met people. We chatted and laughed. We shivered, wiggled our toes, jumped up and down. We talked strategy. Seasoned shoppers brought hand warmers to share. My daughter and I took notes for next year’s plan.

Right – and also we shopped the fabulous sale. We’ll go again. I have not “resolved” to do so. I just think we will. Remember – I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.

4. how about – ooh! candy!

This non-resolution comes to us courtesy of my youngest when I asked her, “What was your favourite thing that happened this week”?

She sits across from me at the kitchen table, playing a new game on her laptop. When I asked her, she paused to think, began to speak, “forgot” what she was going to say, and reached for the can of Christmas candies sitting next to her.

ooh candy!
Simple pleasures

“Ooh candy” indeed. But not the green ones. She doesn’t like those. She sits with me in her flamingo onesie pyjamas and takes pleasure in a small indulgence. Just a little. Not a lot.

5. Show up

Actually, this is as close as I’ll get to a New Year’s resolution. It is the most important. Good things happen when I just show up. Everything else follows. It’s the biggest step, and the most difficult, even when I’m the only one who notices.


Happy New Year. It’s all possibility.

Do you make resolutions? Care to share? Go ahead and comment. It might change your life (or not, but it could also be fun). 

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