Aspirations – a.k.a. “About”

A work in progress
A work in progress

I am an Aspiring Phoenix Rising.  I gave myself the title Aspiring on March 8, 2014, when it felt like I spent most of my time choking and spluttering in ashes.  The unfinished tattoo mirrors my life as a phoenix.  But so much happens, doesn’t it?

Here, I will speak plainly about my life. In particular, I have stories to tell you about mental health, divorce, single parenting, family relationships. There are fiery crashes, slow risings, and the occasional moments of the pure bliss that soaring must be. I hope my readers will enjoy my (sometimes) dark humour about experiences that we don’t like to talk about. I hope my writing will stimulate reflection and amusement. Also I would like readers to feel hopeful, to challenge stigma, and to grow in compassion (for themselves as much as for others).

I’m the sort of person who never seems to go anywhere “as the crow – or phoenix – flies.” I seem to leap into flight, sometimes flapping and squawking, sometimes soaring gracefully, until something catches my eye and I dive off course. There are many crashes, some as spectacular as the goals and dreams that precede them.

I still dream.

One day, I will  be able to finish colouring in my phoenix tattoo.  One Day. Or I may choose not to.

Whatever happens, I will aspire to rise from the ashes, as many times as I must, knowing that sometimes, even if for a brief moment, I will soar.

*For those of you who are interested in this sort of information – more practical, I guess, than poetic – I am a divorced mom of three daughters. We live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, but Saskatchewan will always feel like home. I have too many animals and a super messy house (which I love). Once upon a time, I was a cultural anthropologist. I am now a freelance writer because I love to work at home (and, of course, to write).

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