5 New Year’s resolutions I would make – if I were to make New Year’s resolutions


Happy New Year! May 2018 be full of challenges that ultimately move you forward. I never make New Year's resolutions because I think that they have to come from the heart and soul - not exclusively from a calendar date. But that's me. I think New Year's is a good time to soul search, though.… Continue reading 5 New Year’s resolutions I would make – if I were to make New Year’s resolutions

If Work is Causing a Problem, Maybe it IS the Problem

Aziz Acharki

I've been offered a job back in my beloved field of funeral services. It's a good opportunity, with a company that is willing to invest in me. It feels perfect. That's why it has been so difficult to decide to turn it down. Tomorrow I will have to summon the courage to contact my would-be manager and… Continue reading If Work is Causing a Problem, Maybe it IS the Problem

Who left this gift horse on my lawn?

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. What a strange proverb. I've been thinking about it a lot lately. I'm happy enough about leaving those nasty teeth alone, but who's going to clean up all that stinkin' mess? Today, I received another hamper from the Food Bank. I have always been a supporter of… Continue reading Who left this gift horse on my lawn?

An Embarassment of Brushes: “co-parenting” after separation and divorce

The Ultimate Question might be, "How many brushes does a divorced family with three pre-teen girls require?" Seems like a mundane question. I would think it a mundane question, but it has turned out to be much more interesting than I thought. I bet the answer will surprise you. The answer, apparently, is ten (not… Continue reading An Embarassment of Brushes: “co-parenting” after separation and divorce

A better plan: anybody? anybody?

I have committed another (hitherto) unthinkable act. Also, I have used the word "hitherto" in a sentence. Sometimes I challenge myself to use a neglected word more often. I had vowed around Christmas time to raise the profile of this perfectly-good-word. This is the first instance. Still, it's relegated to brackets, and quotation marks, but… Continue reading A better plan: anybody? anybody?

Alpha Poetry – Residual effects of driving my girls to school

So this is week seven of the group therapy program I'm attending as a psychiatric outpatient. Part of the process involves guided journaling. Last week's was an exercise called Alpha Poetry. There aren't many rules, as it's a means of getting your mind to open up as you journal. Basically, for each letter of the… Continue reading Alpha Poetry – Residual effects of driving my girls to school

WWMPD: What Would Mary Poppins Do?

 The girls and I were all loaded into the van. My littlest was about five. We were pulling away from the house to go, I forget where.  Littlest, in all seriousness, said: Mom, if someone stuffed me in a box, and shipped me to China, I would miss you. I said, as solemnly as I… Continue reading WWMPD: What Would Mary Poppins Do?

How to Draw Platypi With a Van

Rituals!  Rites of Passage! These rituals have a beginning, a middle and an end  (Thanks Victor Turner - my old favourite mad anthropologist)! Maybe my Phoenix will find a flight path in remembering rituals! When I turned sixteen, long before I knew what a Phoenix was, one of my brothers took me for a drive… Continue reading How to Draw Platypi With a Van

Collaborate, dammit!

Today's oxymoron is.... Collaborative Divorce. Sounds like a made-up term, doesn't it?  Sounds like a joke.  Not a bad joke.  A really, really funny one.  To me.  Now. Almost two years ago, it sounded wonderful.  Why hadn't I heard of this?  Think of it. Two people get married, have kids, build a life (sort of...… Continue reading Collaborate, dammit!